Permaculture Class!

Our Permaculture class spent the weekend camping up at Earthaven Ecovillage where our teacher, Miss Patricia Allison lives. We built some fires, shared some stories, made some mead, dug out a pond and went on plant walks..... in between all this fun Miss Patricia taught us a couple of things too.
Miss Patricia is explaining a classic permaculture design called the "herb spiral".
This is one of the many bees that are workin' it in Miss Patricia's garden.
Hey, Greg... What is this?...saw him cruisin along while we were on our plant walk.
Gwennie is playing hookie from class and I caught her red-handed at the playground!
Saturday night we had a talent show and boy was I blown away at the talent. Kelly (first pic) started a fire with handmade tools that she made herself and Grant picked his banjo for us (lower pic). Dylan shared two poems that he wrote while hitchhiking and exploring. Also there was a presentation on hydrogen power by Damon (who has a hydrogen cell on his car), stand-up comedy and a tear jerking, appalachian-inspired tune written and performed by Cassie. Steve screamed some rock, Claudia brought some seaweed that she harvested herself in Maine, Jeremy played and sung a song he wrote himself, and Greg did some crazy harmonizing thing with his throat called"Tuvan Throat Singing ".....These are just a couple of the highlights....Annie and I did an impromptu version of "Puff the Magic Dragon" with Jeremy's accompaniment but I was so bad that everyone in the class started singing along to cover up my tone deafness. Talent shows are the way to go! Much more fun to watch than TV.