just another day in the garden...

That beautiful plant in the foreground is the Burdock plant. Burdock root is extremely medicinal. These plants grow wonderfully around here, are very useful and the roots are great in soup! Half-naked Ben is watering the strawberries and Kim is planting some onions in the greenhouse. Our mustard greens are shooting up! Add to grocery list: ham hocks, pepper sauce.

Earthaven Ecovillage

(l-r. some lady, The Fabulous Ms. Mountain Woman Patricia Allison, Gwendolyn, Trapper)
Ms. Patricia is not only a dear friend but she also happens to be our permaculture teacher. She is a plethora of useful information and extremely funny.... I love her. She invited us up to her home and took us on a tour of Earthhaven Ecovillage. She also had us over for dinner. We had great fun and no-bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies. Clay woodstove to keep mountain folks nice and warm in the winter. The structure with the mirror hanging on the back is Ms. Patricia's compost toilet. Kim just came out! This old Uhaul truck belongs to some carpenters that live up at Earthaven. All of their equipment is hooked up into the back and run off of the solar panels attached to the top.
(Trapper in foreground) This is where alot of the kids that live at Earthaven and some kids from surrounding farms are homeschooled. Isn't this school beautiful. This is yurt style construction, All the wood in this interior was taken from the site, and the outside is cob.
Gwen is checking out Ms. Patricia's sauna. She heats it up with the woodburning stove pictured.
These are a couple of pics of a cob house being built up at Earthhaven.....really beautiful spaces....these pics don't do it justice. Earthaven is a really amazing place with interesting things going for it. They are totoally off grid using solar and hydropower. This is the second ecovillage I've been to and the people here were nice, knowledgable, and made us feel right at home. I'll be back to visit.


Devil's Haircut

Ben cut Tony's hair and I "shaped it up". Looks pretty good for two amateurs...we work pretty well together,don't we Ben?


So EMs....

EM is a metabiotic (where each organism creates favorable conditions for the growth of the other) and antioxidative microbial technology generically known as also known generically as effective microorganisms,and over a dozen other names -- and its uses in many fields, including agriculture, waste remediation, odor control, and human and animal health. It is likely safe to say that the single largest area of EM utility is in farming (agriculture), and even more so within the realms of organic farming, sustainable farming, grass-fed farming and so-called beyond-organic, uber-organic, super-organic or biological farming. However, EM has also found applications in waste treatment, waste water treatment, toxic waste remediation, remediation of polluted waterways, human and animal health, protecting building materials (architects call EM "building friendly"), and in many other diverse areas as well. The member species of organisms in the consortium belong to any of several families and several genera. The individual microorganisms found in EM are all fully natural (EM is certified as an organic farming product), are commonly found worldwide in soil and ponds and even on many leaves and other surfaces in nature and are commonly found almost everywhere in nature (but not often in the quantity, balance or relationship as found in EM. Dr. Higa eventually wrote about EM and the varied uses for it in his book An Earth Saving Revolution Above is our "pesticide " EM. It consists of sugar,soil from our yard,oregano,garlic, and chili peppers...yummy stuff! This one is kind of like fertilizer for our flowers and fruits..... made with flowers and fruits.


The Garottage

Meka is living in the Garottage right now. It is a really beautiful, sweet space that was once a detached garage. It is located here at the Ashevillage Institute. The walls and roof were removed but the frame was kept intact. Then "cob" was used; a mixture of clay, sand, and straw. The inside walls were finished off with a natural clay paint. The windows and doors are all found and repurposed. The living roof is a great insulator.

Due to rotten wood in the rafters, replacement and reinforcement was necessary. For the most part the exposed beams are original.

The floor consists of CEBs....compressed earthen blocks....which are sort of like unfired bricks but they're a little bigger and MUCH cooler. They were finished with a combination of layers consisting of linseed oil and turpentine. Love the finish on the interior walls...so warm, rounded and tactile.


Potluck Sunday

Just a couple of pics from the last potluck.
Menu: Potato Salad with Blue Cheese and Bacon
Scallopped Cheesy Potatoes
Fresh Guacamole
Mesclun Salad
a bunch of chocolate for Meka's Birthday
Asparagus with Thai Peanut Sauce
Baby Lima Beans
Beans and Rice
Bon Appetit!