PERMACULTURE APPRENTICESHIP: Design Certification & Hands-on Immersion

Last seat in the house could be yours!!!

THIS PERMACULTURE APPRENTICESHIP offers a group of six participants the 72-hour Permaculture Design Certification 1 day per week, ENHANCED by field work 2 days per week at a variety of nurseries, edible parks, community gardens, and urban homesteads in the Asheville area.


DATES: August 10 - October 28, 2010, Tuesdays thru Thursdays; 10am-6pm. LOCATION: 12+ sites in Asheville, NC SPONSOR: The Ashevillage Institute

  • Become a Certified Permaculture Designer.
  • Connect with veteran Permaculture practitioners.
  • Get a broad sampling of local Permaculture hot spots.
  • Explore your internal landscapes through Nature Connection, Yoga, and meditation.
  • Gain relevant field experience in: organic food production, soil building, nursery production, backyard chickens, aquaculture, fermentation, wild-crafting, edible forest gardening, rainwater catchment, grafting, primitive skills, natural building, and more.


Ashevillage Founder teaches at annual earth skills gathering

Janell Kapoor, founder of the Ashevillage Institute, led a "Clay Paint Making" workshop this past weekend at the Firefly Gathering. Firefly is an annual event for people seeking to deepen their connection with the natural world through rewilding, primitive, homesteading, and sustainability skills in WNC.

The group included locals, as well as folks from as far away as New York and England, with one guy on his way to Mali, Africa for the next 5 years (he can come back and teach us a thing, or two). We started the class with finding clays and sands from 100' around us, and finished with an impressive palette of soft orange, beige, and gray paints. Thanks to the Firefly crew for hosting all of us!!!

Bring it Home Project - Bothwell Speaks

Cecil Bothwell

Asheville City Council member Cecil Bothwell attended the "Bring it Home" Project ribbon cutting ceremony on July 20th and had some very important things to say. He says, "Ashevillage is modeling our urban future. Local food security will become more and more vital as the world gets hotter and more crowded. Best estimates suggest that world grain production will fall by about 10 percent for each degree C increase in average temperatures. We will add about 3 billion people by mid-century and at least one degree of heat. Best estimates are for a 4 degree increase by 2100. You don't have to read between the lines to see the problem we face. Permaculture is one way to address the crisis in our backyards, and Ashevillage is showing Asheville the way."

Thank you Mr. Bothwell for your support of this project and your continued support of sustainability in our community.


Bring it Home: Wrapping Up

The Bring it Home project is wrapping up and it has been a huge success!! The ribbon cutting ceremony is coming at 7pm this evening. Here are a few more photos to show off our work!

Rain Delay...

Bring it Home: More Pics

Here are some more photos from the Bring it Home Project with Ashevillage and The Legacy Center

Prudencio, Jeff, and Amy

Mixing concrete for posts.

Volunteer Shawn taking a moment for a photo. Thanks Shawn.

Volunteers Bruce and Prudencio working hard ing the hot sun.

Bring It Home: Day 2

More Photos from the worksite:

LiAna and Kim, Legacy Project captains working on bird houses for the grounds.

Ashevillage volunteer, Justin working hard!

Lots of planting being done.

The results...

Bring It Home: Backyard Solutions for a Sustainable Future

The project is in full swing and headed toward the finish this evening with the ribbon cutting cermony at 7pm. Lots of work is happening everywhere from wood carving to landscaping and planting.

Betty Houston of lanscapers Organic Resource Group is volunteering her time to the project. She is very excited about using her experience here in her own work in the Hickory area.


The Legacy Center & Ashevillage Institute invite you to... Bring It Home: Backyard Solutions for a Sustainable Future
Monday July 19 & Tuesday July 20; 8am - 7pm Tuesday 7pm: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony ... An Extraordinary Story of One Backyard This is a one-time community opportunity to create a real "Transition Town" backyard in a neighborhood next to downtown Asheville, NC. Join us to complete an inspiring demonstration of water and food systems that model our way into a more resilient future. We Will • Build a deck next to a rainwater catchment pond • Plant edible/medicinal/aquatic plants • Construct an edible entry arbor • Create bird houses for habitat • Document the whole process • Be fed, work hard, have FUN :-) Join In!!! We are seeking volunteers with all levels of experience including: • Experienced carpenters to help with the deck and arbor • Landscapers with local plant/permaculture knowledge • General hands-on support for digging, planting, etc. • Folks with trucks to help haul materials, pick up plants Contact
Liana Johannaber Project Coordinator :: Legacy's BRING IT HOME 828.777.0331 :: lianawithwings@gmail.com http://www.ashevillage.org/avi/legacy.php Background On July 1st, an intrepid group of visionaries a part of the Legacy Center's Leadership Program decided that they wanted to make a profound difference in their community by creating a project that would tangibly shift the cycle of harm to our planet. As a part of the Legacy Leadership Program, each leadership team creates a project of unreasonable measure and extraordinary result that leaves a legacy in the community where the project takes place. The project is designed in a couple of weeks and must be completed in only two days! Hence, BRING IT HOME began....