Some Great Folks

Sandor Ellix Katz was one of two presenters who came and taught our Wild Foods and Fermentation workshop. What an inspiring and cool thing to have been involved in! We were so lucky to have him and Frank Cook spend so much time with us. They answered our questions, and empowered us to take a second glance at things like weeds and microrganisms! Sandor is the author of Wild Fermentation and The Future Will Not Be Microwaved. He made tempeh, meade,villi, kombucha, and kefir just for us! All these things are super good for us because of active enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and partially digested proteins that our bodies love us for. Check Sandor's skills out here.
Frank Cook was the other presenter at our Wild Foods and Fermentation workshop. What an amazing human being he is. Frank took our class on plant walks both Thursday and Friday. He, along with Mary and Angelina, (Thank ya'll!) made a fabulous South Indian meal for us consisting of Idlis (fermented lentil and rice flour) and Sambar. He talked to us and the plants about what an important part they play in our well being. Lots of plants that we consider "weeds" are so exceptional in many ways and we just don't know it. His mantra at the moment is "eat something wild everyday." Take a look at Frank's website, www.plantsandhealers.com/ for more info about the genius things he's dedicated his life to.

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