Timber Framing ~ Day 2!

Tools! Lots of cool tools to get the job done. Here, Keri drills a peg hole with a hand drill and Aimee keeps her in line.
Lovely flower of shavings.
Above, Aimee uses an old boring tool from the late 1800's. One sits on it and arm 'pedals' the crank to drive the bit. Below, our first completed project - a trestle sawhorse. We cut our practice mortise and tenons on this. Good thing, they were kinda rough :) but we got it down now I think and we were pretty stoked that it actually assembled and is dang sturdy. From left to right: Ian, Bobby, Ira, Aimee and Joe. Steveo demonstrates the sturdiness of the trestle horse. Hand tools feel good to use, they're quiet, you really feel like you're 'doing it' but it is hard and slow. We use a lot of power tools too like the one Aimee is using here with Keri and Garret observing (we check and double check measurements and watch for safety). This tool is a chain saw-circular saw combo.

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