The Legacy Center & Ashevillage Institute invite you to... Bring It Home: Backyard Solutions for a Sustainable Future
Monday July 19 & Tuesday July 20; 8am - 7pm Tuesday 7pm: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony ... An Extraordinary Story of One Backyard This is a one-time community opportunity to create a real "Transition Town" backyard in a neighborhood next to downtown Asheville, NC. Join us to complete an inspiring demonstration of water and food systems that model our way into a more resilient future. We Will • Build a deck next to a rainwater catchment pond • Plant edible/medicinal/aquatic plants • Construct an edible entry arbor • Create bird houses for habitat • Document the whole process • Be fed, work hard, have FUN :-) Join In!!! We are seeking volunteers with all levels of experience including: • Experienced carpenters to help with the deck and arbor • Landscapers with local plant/permaculture knowledge • General hands-on support for digging, planting, etc. • Folks with trucks to help haul materials, pick up plants Contact
Liana Johannaber Project Coordinator :: Legacy's BRING IT HOME 828.777.0331 :: lianawithwings@gmail.com http://www.ashevillage.org/avi/legacy.php Background On July 1st, an intrepid group of visionaries a part of the Legacy Center's Leadership Program decided that they wanted to make a profound difference in their community by creating a project that would tangibly shift the cycle of harm to our planet. As a part of the Legacy Leadership Program, each leadership team creates a project of unreasonable measure and extraordinary result that leaves a legacy in the community where the project takes place. The project is designed in a couple of weeks and must be completed in only two days! Hence, BRING IT HOME began....

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