Earthaven Ecovillage

(l-r. some lady, The Fabulous Ms. Mountain Woman Patricia Allison, Gwendolyn, Trapper)
Ms. Patricia is not only a dear friend but she also happens to be our permaculture teacher. She is a plethora of useful information and extremely funny.... I love her. She invited us up to her home and took us on a tour of Earthhaven Ecovillage. She also had us over for dinner. We had great fun and no-bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies. Clay woodstove to keep mountain folks nice and warm in the winter. The structure with the mirror hanging on the back is Ms. Patricia's compost toilet. Kim just came out! This old Uhaul truck belongs to some carpenters that live up at Earthaven. All of their equipment is hooked up into the back and run off of the solar panels attached to the top.
(Trapper in foreground) This is where alot of the kids that live at Earthaven and some kids from surrounding farms are homeschooled. Isn't this school beautiful. This is yurt style construction, All the wood in this interior was taken from the site, and the outside is cob.
Gwen is checking out Ms. Patricia's sauna. She heats it up with the woodburning stove pictured.
These are a couple of pics of a cob house being built up at Earthhaven.....really beautiful spaces....these pics don't do it justice. Earthaven is a really amazing place with interesting things going for it. They are totoally off grid using solar and hydropower. This is the second ecovillage I've been to and the people here were nice, knowledgable, and made us feel right at home. I'll be back to visit.

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