The Garottage

Meka is living in the Garottage right now. It is a really beautiful, sweet space that was once a detached garage. It is located here at the Ashevillage Institute. The walls and roof were removed but the frame was kept intact. Then "cob" was used; a mixture of clay, sand, and straw. The inside walls were finished off with a natural clay paint. The windows and doors are all found and repurposed. The living roof is a great insulator.

Due to rotten wood in the rafters, replacement and reinforcement was necessary. For the most part the exposed beams are original.

The floor consists of CEBs....compressed earthen blocks....which are sort of like unfired bricks but they're a little bigger and MUCH cooler. They were finished with a combination of layers consisting of linseed oil and turpentine. Love the finish on the interior walls...so warm, rounded and tactile.

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  1. Nice work guys! Beautiful work.
    I am really inspired to build right now, and you work has inspired me even more.
    If your ever around Vancouver, come on to our island and help us!!