2009 Season at AVI underway

Things are ramping up around here. This last week we welcomed our resident permaculturist, Shawn, and his family to the AVI house. Shawn is designing our site master plan which we'll be implementing throughout the summer. We also welcomed Lloyd, an AVI resident, who arrived the same day to round out our core team of sustainability superstars: Steveo, Keri, Ira, Michael, Janell, and Meesh.
Ashevillage Institute core team meeting
Meetings, meetings, meetings are the order of the day. It takes a lot of planning and organizing to run this show and make real and lasting change. AVI core team meeting, website development meeting, strategic planning meeting, volunteer orientation meeting, Permaculture Design Course meeting... phew! Good thing we have a sweet and stellar cast of characters, nourishing wild and fermented lunches and plenty of organic dark chocolate to get us through!
Volunteer meeting with bikes, barrels and burdock under the apple tree

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