Volunteer Day

Big thanks to our volunteers that came out yesterday to help! We got a lot done and couldn't have done it without you. We appreciate it!
Mary and Blaize harvested burdock root and mugwort and planted tomatoes and basil in a keyhole bed. Keyhole beds allow us to make better use of the arable space available. We placed a keyhole-shaped path into an oval-shaped bed instead of continuing the path all the way through. We have more space to plant and can still access the plants within arm's reach from any of the footpaths, eliminating the need to step in the beds and compacting the soil.
Sage joined Mary and Blaize planting squash. Thanks for your help Sage!
Dave and Lloyd worked on building a base for the heavy bee hives that will arrive this weekend. Our bees are being placed with the chickens for a reason. Multiple functions is one of the leading principles of permaculture. Elements are placed in the design to mutually benefit each other and eliminate tasks. In this case, the bee colony clears their dead out of the hives providing a food source for the chickens. And that's just one function. Thanks also to Lucinda and Frank for coming out to help. After a gorgeous morning of hearty work, it was nice for the whole crew to take a break together, share a yummy potluck lunch and chat a bit. Hope to see y'all next Thursday!

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