AVI is Cross Pollinatin'!

AVI friend and collaborator, Susanne Hackett, did an excellent job promoting last year's Ashevillage Building Convergence. Look what she's up to now...
New Blog to Highlight Area "Pollinators"
Pollinating Asheville is dedicated to raising awareness, spreading the word, and showcasing those individuals, businesses, non-profits, groups and government projects that truly do pollinate our community. Our growth and diversity as a community is based on cross-fertilization and collaboration. And, if you live here, you know that there is no shortage of cool stuff happening. Check it out www.pollinatingasheville.com Pollinating Asheville is maintained by AVI friend and colleague Susanne Hackett of Pollinate Consulting: Innovative, Community-minded Outreach. Thanks Susanne, for helping get the AVI seeds spread!

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