Grafting with Bill Whipple

Bill blogs: Today, my fruit nut buddy, Cake Smith, and I took some liberties with AVI 's prize Yellow Transparent apple tree centrally located in their courtyard. Pulling from our bag of 40 varieties of heirloom apples we grafted on 7 varieties. Its a little late in the season but we thought we'd give it a try. Esopus Spitzenburg, Fallawater, William's Pride, Mrs Bayer, Dula Beauty, and something else I cant remember, are part of the diverse grafts put on the tree. Since the tree is such a featured showcase plant on the site we did a little arbor sculpting by taping two new growth branches together to form a circle. These, we hope will grow out in a pinwheel shape on which we can graft several more varieties. If the grafts live, AVI can expect to have apples ripen on their tree from the first of July through October.

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